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DON'T use a stone. Stones make flat places and your edge is convex. Just stroke the edge --- only the edge --- backwards on cardboard, leather, crocus cloth or any other MILD abrasive every few days and that is it. Yes --- just lay the knife flat, lift the back of the blade until just the edge touches the surface, and pull it firmly backwards, with down pressure, stroking the whole length of the edge. Repeat on the other side. Stroke point-to-handle OR handle-to-point, whichever works for you.

Edge gets flats or nicks? Easy. Get wet-or-dry sandpaper in 320, 600 and 1200-grit, lay it on a mouse pad or other yielding surface. Stroke your blade backwards in the same stropping mode, first on 320 grit, then 600, then 1200, and repeat as necessary to eliminate the damage. Finish on cardboard (or leather, etc.) and you will have your beautiful convex edge back.