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  4 Black Micarta

  4 Coyote Brown G-10

  4 Ranger Green G-10

  4 Toxic Green G-10

  5 Black Micarta

  6 Black Micarta

  6 Coyote Brown G-10

  6 Ranger Green G-10

  6 Toxic Green G-10

  7 Black Micarta

  8 Black Micarta

  8 Coyote Brown G-10

  8 Ranger Green G-10

  8 Toxic Green G-10

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Tac Ops.
The New Tac-Ops Series from Blackjack Knives has been specifically Designed, Engineered and Manufactured to be used in Both Tactical and Civilian situations where Strength & Dependability are critical. This Series has been the product of the Collaborative Development by Knifemaker/Designer - Mike Stewart and Law Enforcement Professional - Mike Grasso. These Two "Mikes" have known each other for over 25 years. As Mike Stewart evolved in his Skills and Fame as a Knifemaker, Hunter, Outdoorsman and a Wilderness Survival Enthusiast - Mike Grasso climbed from Rookie Patrolman to Senior Instructor in Firearms, Officer Survival and Tactics for the Los Angeles Police Department, ending with his current assignment as the Supervising Detective of a Violent Criminal Apprehension Team.
Mike Stewart's "Hands On" Practical Approach to all things Knives and Mike Grasso's extensive experience in "Real Life Scenarios" makes them an unbeatable Design Team. Mike Stewart's 33 years of designing- making and using practical knives combined with Mike Grasso's 33 years as a Law Enforcement Professional, give Blackjack 66 years of experience to create projects which quickly make real time dependable tools for real time situations. The knives of this series will be "Practical & Useful" whether it's Jungle, Woodland or Urban High Stress Conditions.
The Tac-Ops Series will give you a lifetime of "Practical & Useful" service and prove to be the knife you reach for when the Chips are Down.

Model 7 - Black Canvas Micarta Handle
Overall Length: 12 7/8 Inches
Blade Length: 7 Inches
Steel: A-2 Tool steel @ 58rc

The Tac-Ops Series are all 100% Full Tang Construction. The Handle Slabs are Precision CNC Machined to very Exacting Specs for a perfect fit on the Full Tang of the Series. These Slabs are detachable and are interchangeable from knife to knife of the same model. 
All of the Tac-Ops Series are supplied with Kydex Sheaths that have a Kydex Belt Loop and have the Rivet Placement to adapt the sheath to a Molle System. The Supplied Loop can be mounted for both Right and left hand access. The Belt Loop and the Handle Slab Screws all are set up for the same 1/8" size Allen Key.